The importance of Giath Taha’s photographs lies in the present interest in the human being. Whether it is on a simple street corner or in a revolutionary gathering, how the human being manifests himself is always present. Giath always tries to get as close – but in the meantime invisible – as possible to his subject. In 2001, he gained interest in photography when he was given an analogue camera by his father. He started photographing everything, even without film, just to practise with the frame.
Later, again from his father, he received an old Praktica MTL 3 and further developed his skills. His career started much later though, as Giath was sent to study Geography at Damascus University in 2002. During the trips which were made by Geography Department, Giath was much more interested in the colours of being outside, the red of the dirt and seeing the landscape, rather than studying it. He left the University and entered the Walled Izzat Institute of applied arts, in order to study photography in the Syrian capital.

In 2007, filled with photographic skills and fresh knowledge, Giath started experimenting with different subjects and did small assignments for magazines. He discovered his interest in photojournalism when he got a job at the daily newspaper Baladna News. He photographed local issues and was mostly on the road. He saw a new part of Syria and became very interested and familiar to what was stirring before the war. It was at this time that he realised that his job could be important to tell stories and make a bigger audience see the reality.
The beginnings of the revolution in 2011 were crucial moments in Giath's career. After watching the images that appeared in the news, he decided to do his part and left his hometown to Turkey. Until 2014 he was stationed close from the borders and went back and forth to the opposition areas in Syria for Reuters News Agency. 

Throughout the years his interest in photography as a medium changed from capturing the madness of the moment to the focus on one image and its concept.


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